Following the collapse of the US sub-prime mortgage market in August 2007 the urban shockwaves of the credit crunch raise complex questions about how buildings and cities are embedded in the economic sphere of industrial society and how innovation in the financial industries affects our day-to-day experience of urban culture.

With a keynote talk from Professor Sir Peter Hall, this workshop invites an interdisciplinary group of leading and emerging researchers from across urban geography, economics, architecture and cultural studies to shed light on the dynamic structural relationship linking finance and urbanism.

Their presentations will offer new research, theoretical approaches and case studies prompting a series of chaired, open discussions considering how financial capital has affected urban geography at a global level; how the last decade of economic growth has affected UK housing, commercial development and city centre living; and how the banking sector is implicated in the production of architecture and the representation of cities.

Invited speakers from the UK’s leading centres of urban and cultural
research include:

Dr. Dariusz Wojcik (University of Oxford)
Professor Maria Kaika (University of Manchester)
Max Nathan (LSE)
Dr. Andrew Harris (UCL)
Lawrence Webb (Kings College London)

Chairs include:
Professor Sir Peter Hall (UCL)
Michael Edwards (UCL)
Professor Matthew Gandy (UCL)

Participation in the workshop is free but places are limited. The closing date to take part in this workshop is 26 September 2008. If you would like to take part in the workshop please contact:

Louis Moreno -

Further information on the Urban Laboratory and The Bartlett can be found here:

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